Groot Omroepkoor in the Concertgebouw (2015) (Photo: Hans van der Woerd)

Eric Whitacre returns at the Great Broadcasting Choir


  • Whitacre Three flower songs
  • British Five flower songs
  • Whitacre The sacred veil

The hottest thing in choral music Eric Whitacre makes a big impression as a conductor and as a composer, although not everyone is immediately charmed by his music. With the Groot Omroepkoor he proves once again: the fuzz is not about nothing'.

Fusion of classical and popular music
Critics have given his work this label: a fusion of classical and modern popular music that gets under your skin immediately. He is both vilified for his populist music and praised for being the hottest thing in choral music.
Eric Whitacre himself claims to have become a conductor and composer by accident, but his choral works such as Go, lovely rose, Water Night, Cloudburst, Sleep and The Seal Lullaby have become part of the standard choral repertoire worldwide. Moreover, the Groot Omroepkoor could hardly wish for a conductor with a better understanding of the human voice.

Commissioned composition: The sacred veil
The sacred veil, written for the NTR Saturday Matinee and others, once again contains all the ingredients that make the composer Whitacre as popular as he is controversial. He based his work on a poignant cycle of poems by his friend Tony Silvestri, who used it to deal with the death of his young wife. Both the text and the music do not celebrate death as an end, but as a path through a mirror, a path to another dimension.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024
2:15 pm
The Royal Concertgebouw

Large Hall


Netherlands Radio Choir
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