Thierry Escaich

The organ of Thierry Escaich and Anton Bruckner


  • Thierry Escaich Third organ concert 'Quatre visages du temps' (Dutch premiere)
  • Anton Bruckner Mass in f 'Great'

Anton Bruckner was world famous for his brilliant organ improvisations, but his symphonies in particular became immortal. His French colleague Thierry Escaich also made a name for himself with orchestral works. He performs his own Third Organ Concerto with us.

Composer Escaich plays his own work
It is miraculous that Bruckner left no note of importance for "his" instrument and entered music history as the creator of symphonic masterpieces. French organist, improviser and composer Thierry Escaich previously played a viola and flute concerto at the Matinee, but he also composed three major solo concertos for his own instrument. His Third Organ Concerto seems tailor-made for the Great Hall's Maarschalkerweerd organ. The title Quatre Visages du Temps (Four F aces of Time), refers to four centuries of musical history. Very intriguing - and unusual for an organ concert - is the prominent role of percussion.

Bruckner's Great Mass in the concert hall
In addition to his devout Mass for choir and winds, the deeply religious Bruckner also wrote a mighty High Mass for soloists, choir and large orchestra. A work conceived not only for ecclesiastical heyday, but also acquired a permanent place in the concert hall.

Saturday, February 10, 2024
2:15 pm
Yes, including break
The Royal Concertgebouw

Large Hall


Radio Philharmonic Orchestra
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Sascha Goetzel - photo Ozge Balkan
Sascha Goetzel
Netherlands Radio Choir
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Klaas-Jan de Groot
Klaas-Jan de Groot
Choir conductor
Thierry Escaich
Sarah Brady
Astrid Nordstad
Matthew Swensen
Matthias Winckhler

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