Benjamin Goodson - chief conductor

Benjamin Goodson - Photo: Paolo Ferla



  • Maaike Kitslaar, choir manager
  • Ria Raven, office manager
  • Amber Hill, production manager
  • Hilde Cortese, production assistant
  • Charlotte Sienema, librarian/assistant planner
  • Kirsten Gantzert, librarian
  • Annelies Vrieswijk, librarian
  • Emile Gerritsen, stage assistant
  • Kaspar Jansen, stage assistant


Staff GOK web3 ©estherdebruijn photography
From left to right and top to bottom: Maaike Kitslaar, Ria Raven, Amber Hill, Kirsten Gantzert, Annelies Vrieswijk, Kaspar Jansen, Charlotte Sienema (c) Esther de Bruijn photography

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