History of the Groot Omroepkoor

In the 2010-2011 season, the Groot Omroepkoor celebrated its 65th anniversary. That was the reason for mapping out the history of the choir. With the help of pieces from the archive of the choir, the book that Madelon Michel (former singer of the Groot Omroepkoor) made on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the choir, and pieces that we acquired from the legacy of a former singer, the history has been completed.

On the right you will find the various chapters of our historiography. It is not yet complete in all respects. If you can fill in the gaps in our archive, such as missing names in photographs, information about the dates and locations of events, etc., we would greatly appreciate it! We also welcome additional documents and photos. We hope that especially retired choir members, family members of choir members and broadcasting staff will search their cupboards and scrapbooks for useful material.

You can mail your additions to ria.raven@omroepmuziek.nl or send them by post to Groot Omroepkoor t.a.v. Ria Raven, Postbus 125, 1200 AC Hilversum.
Thank you in advance!


Part 1: First photo
Part 2: First record
Part3: During the war
Part 4: Resurrecting the Netherlands
- Annex 4.1: Report of the purification committee
- Annex 4.2: Note regarding purification of vocal ensembles
- Appendix 4.3: Standard declaration for purification
- Annex 4.4: Declarations for Choirs
Part 5: First Review
Part 6: What's new
Part 7: Old names - new names
- Appendix 7.1: List of Names GOK 1953
- Appendix 7.4: Letter from the Chairman to NTB
Part 8: Jubilees and other jubilee matters
- Appendix 8.4: Programme booklet NRU 1957
Part 9: Back to the sixties
- Appendix 9.1: List of Names GOK Men's Choir
- Appendix 9.2: List of Names GOK Women's Choir
- Appendix 9.3: List of Names of GOK Radio Choir
Part 10: Outside Hilversum
Part 11: Towards a new jubilee
- Appendix 11.2: List of Names of Radio A Capella Choir
Part 12: Figures
Part 13: Studio sounds in silver
Part 14: State Photographs
- Appendix 14.1: List of Names 1972 (St. Vitus)
- Appendix 14.2: List of Names 1977
- Appendix 14.3: List of Names 1975
- Appendix 14.4: List of Names 1980
Part 15: Conductors
Part 16: More conductors and composers
Part 17: Behind the scenes
Part 18: Wanderer's existence
Part 19: Right to exist
- Annex 19.1: List of names at Christmas concert, 1980
- Appendix 19.2: List of Names of GOK in KRO Studio 1, 1981
- Appendix 19.3: List of Names of Omroep Kamerkoor in VARA Studio 1, 1982
Part 20: Sound carriers
Part 21-1: From the 80s to the 90s-1
Part 21-2: From the '80s to the ' 90s-2
Part 22-1: On to the turn of the century-1
Volume 22-2: On into the turn of the century-2
- Annex 22-2: Article Reiner Holthaus
- Annex 22-2: Article Martin Wright
- Annex 22-2: Article Wil Boekel
- Annex 22-2: Article 'Working in a professional choir
Part 22-3: On to the turn of the century-3
- Appendix 22-3: MCO Boys' Choir
- Appendix 22-3: List of Names Prinsengracht Concert 1998

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