Premiere of Sílvia Lanao at Podium Klassiek

Sílvia Lanao
Sílvia Lanao

Catalan composer Sílvia Lanao won the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra's stipend last year. The 27-year-old Lanao then spent a year walking with the orchestra and composed two pieces: a large orchestral work and a piece for smaller ensemble, "Medusa Reheard," especially for Podium Klassiek.

Premiere 'Medusa Reheard' by the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra
In the April 16 '23 broadcast of Podium Klassiek, members of the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra will play the world premiere of her composition 'Medusa Reheard' conducted by Chloe Rooke, assistant conductor of the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra.
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Groot Omroepkoor in double-choir work by Mendelssohn
Podium Klassiek on April 16 continues to include an a cappella performance by the Groot Omroepkoor. Under the direction of chief conductor Benjamin Goodson, 32 singers of the Groot Omroepkoor will perform Felix Mendelssohn's double-choral "Warum toben die Heiden. Other guests welcomed in this broadcast: violinist Cord Koss, violist Javier Rodas and cellist Marie Velin-Langlamet. Presentation: Floris Kortie, Dieuwertje Blok and Mike Boddé.

Program and more information Podium Klassiek
Podium Klassiek is broadcast every Sunday from 18:15 on NPO2. This program continues the tradition of a weekly musical party on early Sunday evening, with live performances by top musicians from home and abroad. The program embraces the world of classical music, but does not close itself off to other genres that can make this world even bigger and more interesting.
The full program, more information and previous broadcasts can be found on the Podium Klassiek site.


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