Itamar Lapid

The bass Itamar Lapid was born in 1965 in Jerusalem. He studied choral conducting at the Jerusalem Music Academy with Aaron Harlap and subsequently at the Utrecht Conservatory with Krijn Koetsveld. At the same academy he followed vocal studies with Meinard Kraak.

Itamar was the conductor of several choirs, such as 4bij4 in Utrecht, the Woerdens Vocal Ensemble and the Koninklijke Oratoriumvereniging Utrecht. He also performed as a guest conductor with the Nederlands Bach Ensemble and Coqu, among others.

Itamar sang in various theatre productions of, among others, Sonnevanck, Buffo and Het Filiaal. He worked as a voice teacher at the theatre faculty of the Utrecht School of the Arts. Itamar was involved in various theatre productions as a voice coach.

Itamar Lapid has been working in the Groot Omroepkoor since 2005, first as a substitute and since 2009 as a regular choir member.

Itamar Lapid

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