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Pieces of Tomorrow - Schubert, Bruckner and Mozart


  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Kyrie, KV 341
  • Franz Schubert Seventh symphony 'Unvollendete'
  • Anton Bruckner Ave Maria

Pop and classical join forces to present Pieces of Tomorrow: classical music in a new guise. The conductor talks in unison, your beer is allowed inside, there is no dress code, visuals support the story and otherwise we let the music speak - it needs no adaptation.

Schubert's Eighth
Schubert's debut at Pieces of Tomorrow! This romantic composer could no longer be missed. He did not finish his Eighth Symphony (strictly speaking, his Seventh). No one knows why not. He put it in a desk drawer and moved on to other work. Only some forty years after his death did the symphony reappear. A former student came up with the idea of performing the work in public.
At the dark first bars, a shudder went through the hall, "as if the deceased composer had entered," wrote one reviewer. Although Schubert - the singer-songwriter among the classics - apparently did not intend it for the public, it became his most popular work.

Wondering what you'll be listening to?
The Radio Philharmonic Orchestra plays Schubert 8 here. Together with the Grand Omroepkoor, Mozart's Kyrie KV341 is performed beforehand. Choir a cappella can be heard in Bruckner's wonderful Ave Maria. At Pieces, the conductor and St. Paul explain what the music is about and what you will hear.

Thursday, January 19, 2023
9 p.m.

Large Hall


Radio Philharmonic Orchestra
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James Gaffigan (c) Vera Mann
James Gaffigan
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Netherlands Radio Choir
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Benjamin Goodson - Photo: Paolo Ferla
Benjamin Goodson
Choir conductor
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